Privacy Policy

This notice describes our privacy policy

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In this Privacy Policy references to "we" and "us" are to VTUK.

Personal Information

All information accessible within the MyScorpio site is maintained and editable by your Letting Agent or Estate Agent. VTUK do not have the ability to remove or alter information on your behalf.

Information Sharing

We will not share any individual personal data with a 3rd party other than that of the original information provider for debugging purposes without prior consent.

We may collect global statistics from the data stored but this will not contain any personal information.


The MyScorpio site may use Cookies to enable website functionality. We do not store any personal information within these Cookies.

You may disable Cookies within your browser settings. This may have an adverse effect on site usability.


We may establish relationships with other suppliers that we hope will be of interest to you. These may point to documents or sites which are not located within the MyScorpio site and, therefore, are not managed or controlled by VTUK and as such accept no liability. These links are included to point the reader to other possibly relevant resources.

How do we protect customer information?

When logging into MyScorpio you will be redirected to a secure site. Please look for the security symbol on your browser. This encrypts all the data transferred between you and the server using industry standard SSL encryption.

Please ensure that you log off when you have finished your session to prevent unauthorised access to your records.

Policy changes

If we need to update the Privacy Policy changes will be made to this document. These changes will take effect immediately.